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Lolita Outfits!

~Lolita Photo Co-ordinate Sharing~

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This is a community for posting images of outfits you've put together! So many communities post photo collages of outfits people have put together, and now there is finally a community specifically for these photos! Here's two example photos:

As you can see, these photos only use stock photos. The background is white so the pieces are easily viewable. There are labels, starting with the brand's name, then with the color and finally with the name of the item, and what type of item it is. These are prime examples of what this community is meant for.

The Rules

1. All entries must have at least one image. Even if you are just asking for people to make outfits to go with something, you must post a photo of the item you want them to work with. If there is no image in the post, then the post will be deleted. No exceptions.

2. If there is more than one image, and if an image is over 400x400 pixels, it must go under an LJ cut.

3. NO photos of anyone wearing the item allowed. None. This isn't for "Yay, I'm wearing a new outfit!". We don't care if you own it or not. If you own something, don't post yourself wearing it. Post the stock photo. This leads to the next rule...

4. Stock photos are the ultimate best thing to use! No photos where someone is wearing the garment are allowed. This rule is in place so that we don't loose focus.
...If you don't have stock photos of something, and if you want to take photos of it yourself, you better be super sure that the photo you post looks like a stock photo!

5. You may only post up to 3 posts per day. This will help on clutter. If you post more than 3 posts in a day your post 4th post will be deleted, and you will be given a warning. After that you will be banned.
If you really want to post a lot of outfits, then put the photos in groups, for each of the posts. If you've got 5 photos of sweet lolita outfits and then you make 3 photos of gothic lolita outfits, then just post the 3 gothic ones in a post together. There's no need for 8 posts filled with seperate outfits that you've made.

6. Don't cause drama. Don't overtly swear. If you cause problems, you will be warned and then banned.